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Is happiness not sadness?

Since we are human because of our life, we can enjoy both happiness and sorrow that we can enjoy happiness. There is no such person that there is no good happiness and happiness. It is undoubtedly one time he has to be a burden of sadness or sorrow because we are faithful in it, after the happiness of… Read More »

Third times blood experience

My name is Saiful Islam. The age of 20 years is still in the field of education, lightly plays online, with which itself is being dragged, and the families are being dragged. It is not much more trouble in the middle-class family. The grace of Allah is going on. The body’s condition is not very good because the… Read More »

Why am I unemployed?

Baker! Baker! Baker! The word is no longer anymore. Generally, one of the boys has heard this word a few hundred times in life. Sometimes it says that from Family, the parents do not hesitate to say that it is not hesitant to say it. Friends do not care why you are unemployed. Dad tells me how many… Read More »