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Is the feeling of love eternal? Part-2

The work of financial motive can achieve this strength. But in the kind of work that there is something eternal, humans, things or only dreams of dreams, there may be that this purpose may be achieved, when love is only established on financial quality. For the kind of evaluation we want to evaluate, love must be regarded as… Read More »

Is the feeling of love eternal? Part-1

Wonders in the view of most ethnic areas related to love The dual entity exists. On the one hand, this feeling is the main motivation of poems, novels and drama, on the other hand, the prominent socialists denied this emotion completely. And there was no evaluation of economic or political change in essential social status. I do not… Read More »

Sunnah of love

Sunnah of love! Through love, deep emotions and feelings of mind are expressed. There is a specific limit of Islam about the love and love of a Muslim. The love and love of a Muslim will be dedicated to Allah’s satisfaction. It is circumcised to be loved: Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to tell him… Read More »

How to love the feeling of love

Love can be asked for a few hundred answers to ask about it, but there is no clear definition yet. That’s why this feeling arises in love, and the source of reflections is a matter of particular interest. 1: Your first idea about a person depends solely on its presence. More spectacular, unusual, bright, and sometimes, in contrast,… Read More »

How are you in love?

Well, you’ve ever fallen in love with someone? What is the feeling of falling in love? I think these questions responded in many minds and answered the questions at different times; you can not even find the answers. Yes, it is normal. What does it believe that people fall in love with themselves unknowingly? It would help if… Read More »

Love story

Love story! I think it is a conscience without a foolish work that is foolish for flying things to me. So do not stop keeping him in the open sky, if he has a point in the open sky, he will come back, and if he does not leave it, then I have not to regret it. Love… Read More »

What is the truth in life?

We do not know who is happy, but we know that our life is running. Our life for someone does not stop; the power of reducing life on the running of life-I have not become today. When we hear two words in happiness, we think it is good. But there is much sadness in happiness. Sad! With the… Read More »

Want to make life beautiful

We are mortal, every person. Since we have come to the world, we must die; we believe that we believe in it that our death is today or tomorrow. All creatures are born to die. But we have a system to feel the time that we have the time of life from birth to death. Many jobs can… Read More »